The Heritage Hills Metropolitan District is working hard to conserve energy and water.  The District has replaced all bulbs on the pool fence posts with fluorescent bulbs in an effort to save energy.

In order to save water the Metropolitan District has installed a new complex ET Managers computer controlled watering system.

The system will receive official weather information from Centennial Airport.  This information will be entered into the computer system to automatically determine watering needs for controlling the sprinklers.  There may be cases when the system receives information asking for water when it appears that it isn’t necessary.  In these cases the system will automatically compensate and adjust times down line.

If is expected that we will save on our water charges and the new system should pay for itself in a few years.  Efficient watering should result in greener lawns as well.

It is interesting to note that the City of Lone Tree is installing a similar system for their landscaping areas.

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