Snow Removal

The Metropolitan District Board of Directors has been working with the snow removal contractor to determine the best course of action for snow removal for the Heritage Hills community.

It is the Board's determination that every effort has been made to make sure that the roads are safe and passable without incurring excessive costs to the homeowners. The Board realizes not everyone will be happy with the way snow is moved throughout the community; however, the Board must look out for the best interests of the community as a whole.

Snow removal is initiated when there is at least a 2-inch depth on the common sidewalks and 4- inch depth on the streets throughout the community. Consideration will also be given to the predicted forecast.  Snow removal on the sidewalks and mailbox areas will be cleared within 12 hours after the end of a snow event if less than 2 feet is received.  If more than 2 feet of snow is received, the sidewalks will be cleared within 24 hours after the end of a snow event.

Snow will normally be pushed to both sides of the street with the windrows not to be more than 1 foot in height.  The windrows will be about 5 feet away from the curb.

If a very large storm requires pushing snow to the center of the street, the contractor will come back through to push the center windrows to the intermediate storage areas throughout the community. This will be done to achieve safe vehicle traffic throughout the community.

The snow removal contractor will make every effort to avoid pushing snow onto homeowners’ private property, sidewalks, blocking driveway access and to spread the snow piles out, but depending on how much snow is received, this may be difficult.  The contractor will use its best judgment to determine where snow needs to be piled.

Mailbox and Clubhouse areas will be cleared by hand.  Residents are required to clear their sidewalks within 24 hours after a snowfall.  Driveways will not be cleared by the contractor as this would result in additional funds being spent to benefit individuals and not the entire community.

The Board requests that homeowners contact the District's Managing Agent to report snow removal issues or complaints and should not directly contact the Snow Removal Contractor.  The Snow Removal Contractor will refer any homeowner contacts to the District's Managing Agent. The Board also requests that residents refrain from parking vehicles on the street during a snow event. The snow removal contractor will not be able to adequately perform snow removal services if vehicles are parked on the street during a snow event.

Further cleanup will be handled on an as needed basis, especially in cases of standing ice slicks or issues that compromise safety.

Should you have questions regarding this snow removal procedure, please feel free to contact the District's Manager.


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