Heritage Hills Community Tennis Courts

  1. Tennis court hours are from 7:00 a.m. until darkness. Again, consideration for the neighboring residents is important. Any resident who observes courts being used before or after the allowed times should not confront the players directly but should call the Lone tree Police at 303-339-8150. Your key fob will open the swimming pool and tennis court gates.

  2. Courts may not be reserved and are available on a first come first serve basis to all Heritage Hills residents. Residents are limited to the use of one court and 1 ½ hours per session.

  3. Gates should not be propped open by rocks or other material. This could result in unauthorized use if gates are left propped open.

  4. No climbing on the fence is permitted. No leaning on the nets - the pressure will cause sagging and tears. No skateboards, rollerblades, drones etc. are allowed on the tennis courts or basketball court. No dogs or other pets are allowed on the tennis courts.

    Tennis courts are for tennis/pickleball play ONLY. Please comply with posted rules.

  5. Pickleball lines and portable nets have been provided on one of the tennis courts in the Overlook. Please return the portable nets to the sides of the court after use.

  6. Tennis rules are self-explanatory, designed to help protect the courts and benefit all residents. 

    The courts are for recreational purposes only. 
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