Snow Removal

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The Heritage Hills Metropolitan District takes snow removal seriously and every effort is being taken to make sure that the roads are safe and passable without incurring excessive costs to the homeowners. Snow removal is initiated when the snow depth is at least 4- inches on the streets and 2-inches on the common sidewalks throughout the community. Snow removal on the sidewalks and mailbox areas will be begin within 12 hours after the end of a snow event if less than 2 feet is received and within 24 hours if more than 2-feet of snow is received. Consideration will also be given to a weather forecast and in some cases snow removal and sanding of potentially slippery areas will begin during the snowstorm. 

In order to ensure safe access in and out of the community, our roads are prioritized in this order: 

  1. Heritage Hills Parkway and the entrances from Yosemite and Lincoln. 
  2. Sub division roads that feed into Heritage Hills Parkway 
  3. Residential side streets 

In some instances, when the 4-inch threshold has not been reached, Heritage Hills Parkway and entrances to Yosemite and Lincoln maybe be plowed while leaving the rest of the community alone. 

Snow will normally be pushed to both sides of the street with the windrows not to be more than 1-foot in height and no more than 5-feet from the curb. As a result, there will be windrows in front of residents’ driveways which should not represent an obstacle for exiting and entering driveways.  If a resident elects to clear the windrow, the snow should be pushed to the side rather than back into the street. 
If a very large storm requires pushing snow to the center of the street, the contractor will come back through to push the center windrows to intermediate storage areas throughout the community. In this case, exiting the subdivision will require driving on the right hand side of the windrows (streets) to an opening in the windrows or to the end of a cul-de-sac allowing a turn to leave the area safely on the right hand side of the street.    

The snow removal contractor will make every effort to avoid pushing snow onto homeowners’ private property or sidewalks and to spread the snow piles out, but depending on how much snow is received, this may be difficult. The contractor will use their best judgment to determine where snow needs to be piled. 

Further cleanup will be handled on an as needed basis, especially in cases of standing ice slicks or issues that compromise safety. 

Residents are required to clear their front and side sidewalks within 24 hours after a snowfall.

Please do your part, do not plow your snow into the street and be sure to create a path in the gutter to allow snow melt to exit your property and find its way to the storm drains.  During a snow event refrain from parking on the street. 

The District realizes not everyone will be happy with the way snow is moved throughout the community; however, consideration must be given to the interests of the community as a whole. 

Whereas the District has outlined general snow removal guidelines it is recognized that every snow event is different, and procedures may change based on the nature of the storm. The District relies on forecasts provided by local sources and prior to a forecast snowstorm, and during a snowstorm, the District is in constant communications with our management company and snow removal contractor to address measures needed for a particular snowstorm. 

The District requests that homeowners contact the District's Management to report snow removal issues or comments and should not directly contact the Snow Removal Contractor. The Snow Removal Contractor will refer any homeowner contacts to the District's Management. 

Should you have questions regarding this snow removal procedure, please feel free to contact the District's Management. 


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