Heritage Hills - Street Safety


Due to safety considerations, hoops may not be placed in the streets or on adjacent easements. The required setback is eight (8) feet back from the street.


Garage sales in Heritage Hills are prohibited due to traffic and safety concerns, and consideration of the privacy of homeowners. Any homeowners having a garage sale will be assessed a $250.00 fine.


Registered Golf Carts are allowed. Golf cart operation must adhere to the published Golf Cart Rules and Regulations due to safety and liability issues. Golf carts are not allowed on sidewalks or grassy areas. Anyone operating an unregistered golf cart should contact our District Manager to arrange for registration. Operating an unregistered golf cart could result in a $100.00 fine for the first violation, a $250.00 fine for the second violation, and a $500.00 fine for the third violation.


Streets are intended for motorist use. Small children riding their bikes, big wheels, scooters, battery powered cars, etc. on the streets are potential accidents and they should be kept on the sidewalks for their own safety. Setting up cones on our streets, thereby blocking traffic is potentially dangerous and, therefore, not allowed. Due to safety and liability issues, children playing in the streets and the use of these motorized skateboards, scooters, dirt bikes, go carts, etc. on the street, sidewalks and open areas is prohibited. Drivers should be aware of pedestrian crosswalks, particularly, when school children are crossing streets coming to and from school.


Please call the Lone Tree Police (303-339-8150) with any information you have on any destruction of private property in Heritage Hills. In addition, please remind children not to play on the construction equipment and construction sites in Heritage Hills. Please remember, all the residents in the community need to help in keeping Heritage Hills a safe neighborhood.


The Heritage Hills speed limits and Stop signs are established for everyone's safety. Please obey the traffic rules for your neighborhood.

Per Section 3.17 of the Covenants, no boat, camper, trailer, truck, motorcycle, motor home, recreational vehicle, or any other vehicle the primary purpose of which is recreational, sporting, or commercial use, shall be parked or stored in, on, or about any home or street except within an attached and enclosed garage. Temporary parking is allowed to facilitate loading or unloading recreational vehicles but may not exceed 72 hours.

Also, vehicles may not be left parked in the streets of Heritage Hills overnight. Vehicles parked on your driveway must be licensed and driven regularly; otherwise they must be stored for extended periods within your garage.

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