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A.) Court Hours. The tennis  and basketball courts (collectively, the “courts”) are open   daily from 7:00 a.m. until dark. Individuals may not be in the court areas outside of these hours. Any resident who observes people on the courts before or after the allowed times should not confront them directly but should call the Lone Tree Police Department non- emergency number (303) 339-8150.  Court hours are subject to change in the discretion    of the District at any time and without prior notice.

Courts may not be reserved and are available on a first-come first-served basis. Players may use only one court at a time and may not use courts for longer than 1 ½ hours per session.

The District may close the courts in its sole discretion. District programs, including District- approved instructional programs and scheduled league use, will have first priority on all courts. If available, league and instructional program schedules will be posted in advance  to provide notice that courts will not be available during those times. Regardless of any such posting,  individuals on the courts during District-approved instructional programs and scheduled league times will be asked to leave or use other courts.

B.) Court Access. The gates to the court areas must  remain  locked  at  all  times,  and gates may not be propped open by rocks or other material. A key fob system  is in place and opens the gate when swiped. The key fobs cannot be duplicated; there is a $25.00 replacement charge for lost or stolen key fobs. Contact the District Manager for key fobs.

Residents. Up to two (2) key fobs are issued to each residence. Children and guests may not be admitted to the courts without a key fob. Guests must be accompanied by a Heritage Hills resident, and guests and residents shall at all times be subject to the Court Rules and Regulations and such other rules and regulations as may be established for the Heritage Hills community. Residents may be asked to show a photo ID to verify they are residents.

Non-Resident Membership. Non-residents may only use the courts after becoming a non- resident member by paying the Court Usage Fee for that calendar year. Non-resident members must present evidence of membership upon request. Non-residents shall at all times be subject to the Court Rules and Regulations and such other rules and regulations as may be established for the Heritage Hills community.

C.) Instruction and  Leagues.  All  paid  lessons  and  programs,  including  leagues,  must  be approved by the District prior to use of the courts through a personal services contract or other District-approved means. Unapproved paid lessons or programs are strictly prohibited. An individual providing unapproved lessons or programs will be asked  to  leave, and his or her rights to continued use of the courts may be forfeited. Contact the District Manager for information on approved lessons and programs.

D.) Children Safety. Children under fifteen (15) years of age must be accompanied by a person fifteen (15) years of age or older.

E.) Restricted Activities.
    1. Tennis courts may only be used for actively playing tennis and pickleball. The basketball court may only be used for actively playing basketball.
    2. Climbing on fencing is prohibited.
    3. Leaning on nets is prohibited.
    4. Leaving garbage or other materials on the courts is prohibited.
    5. Using offensive language is prohibited.
    6. Engaging in  illegal activity is  prohibited.
    7. Pickleball lines and portable nets are available at the Overlook tennis courts and may only be used for playing pickleball. Pickleball nets must be returned to the sides of the court after use.

F.) Bicycles, Skateboards, and Other Restricted Items. No bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, or similar wheeled vehicles or equipment are permitted inside the court areas. Drones, glass containers, and breakables are also prohibited  inside  the  court  areas. No animals other than domesticated service animals are allowed in the court areas or on lawn areas immediately adjacent to the courts.

G.) Proper Attire. Proper attire, including shoes with non-marking soles,  must be  worn   at all times while using the courts.
H.) Smoking. SMOKING or the use of e-cigarettes IS NOT PERMITTED.

I.) Liability for Damage and Loss. Court users assume all liability for losses or damages arising out of or related to the use of the courts, including cleaning costs or repair or replacement of equipment and materials or other District real or personal property. The District is not responsible for lost or stolen items.  Residents  are responsible for any loss  or damage caused by guests.


DISTRICT CAMERAS. The District has installed cameras at facilities within the District  to help deter vandalism as well as help identify any individual who vandalizes these facilities. The court facilities may be monitored and recorded.

AFTER-HOURS USE. Individuals in the court areas after hours will be asked to leave. The Lone Tree Police Department will be dispatched if any crime is being committed or if individuals are present when the courts are closed.


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