The Heritage Hills Metropolitan District was organized on June 28, 1996 and is governed pursuant to provisions of the Colorado Special District Act.  

The District was established for the purpose of providing, operating and maintaining facilities including public street improvements, storm sewer facilities, and park and recreation facilities.

Special Districts in Colorado are local governments, i.e., political subdivisions of the state, which make up a third level of government in the United States. (The federal and state governments are the other two levels.) Local governments include counties, municipalities (cities and towns), school districts, and other types of government entities such as "authorities" and "special districts."

2015 Community Map 504k pdf

Heritage Hills Service Plan

While the District owns cameras which record activity in proximity to access points to the community, the District is not a police force or security agency and does not provide security or police services within Heritage Hills.  In the event you see suspicious or possibly criminal activity, please contact the Lone Tree Police Department at 303-799-0533 or call 911 in the event of any emergency.  To the extent the District has information that may be of assistance in a police investigation, the District will work diligently with the lone Tree Police to provide information to the Lone Tree Police in compliance with Colorado Law. 


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