Heritage Hills Metropolitan District


Vehicle Access

There are two ways to enter Heritage Hills through the vehicle gates.

  • TRANSPONDERS are attached to your vehicle's windshield and trigger the resident gates to open. Proceed carefully through the gate area and observe speed limits. Additional or replacement fobs are $50 each.
  • KIOSKS -
    • Enter your household code – each individual household has a unique household code.
    • Resident Directory – Residents are listed by last name. The resident is contacted by phone, enters ‘9’ on their phone and it triggers the guest gate to open.
    • Temporary Code - temporary code is to be used for special events i.e. parties.

Pool/Tennis/Pickleball/Pedestrian Gate Access
FOBs are used for access to the pools and tennis/pickleball courts and pedestrian gates. Resident may have up to two fobs per household. Replacement fobs are $25 each.

If you would like to request additional or replacement devices, receive the household code or temporary code, be added to the kiosk directory, or receive community alerts via email blasts, please fill out the form below. Be sure to submit the form with the required payment and/or defective device.

•   Resident Access Request Form

Mail your form, payment and defective devices, if applicable, to:
Heritage Hills District Administrator
8390 E Crescent Pkwy, Suite 300
Greenwood Village, CO 80111

Upon receipt of the completed paperwork and any required payment/returned device(s), new devices will be mailed (typically within 10 business days of receipt of completed paperwork). Please note: the defective device is replaced free of charge ONLY when the device is returned.

Note: Each new household is entitled to two transponders/fobs without charge. This includes the transponder/fobs that were given to the original homeowners.  If you did not receive the devices during closing, new ones will be issued, and the original ones deactivated.  Please note this prominently on the request form.

Questions? Contact District Administrator
Natalie Herschberg, District Administrator
Direct 303-793-1417,  natalie.herschberg@claconnect.com


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